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In the dynamic landscape of Cyprus, obtaining comprehensive car insurance is not just a precaution, it’s an essential requirement.

This crucial protection provides car owners in Cyprus with the confidence and peace of mind that their valuable vehicle is shielded against a range of risks and unexpected incidents. From accidents and collisions to theft and third-party liability, car insurance in Cyprus is key to preserving your mobility and financial security, ensuring that your journey on the road is as safe and worry-free as possible.


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Types of Motor Cover

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Car Insurance

Car insurance delivers crucial protection for your vehicle and liability, ensuring confidence in diverse situations. It encompasses a variety of circumstances, from accidents and collisions to theft, guaranteeing your vehicle is secure.

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Van Insurance

Van insurance offers vital protection for your commercial or personal vehicle, providing assurance in a multitude of scenarios. It covers situations ranging from road accidents to theft, ensuring your van remains safeguarded. Get Your Van Insured Today.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance delivers specialized protection for riders, offering essential peace of mind across diverse riding conditions. It covers a spectrum of situations, from collisions to theft, ensuring that motorcyclists are comprehensively safeguarded.

How It Works?

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Pick Your Motor Cover:


Select from our wide range of motor insurance policies, each crafted to meet your specific needs. From collision and accident coverage to liability protection, choose the plan that best aligns with your vehicle’s unique risk factors.

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Obtain an instant motor insurance quote with just a few clicks. Our efficient process guarantees a competitive and precise estimate, tailored to your selected coverage options, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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Receive Motor Cover Confirmation:


Complete your motor insurance quickly and with confidence. Once confirmed, your policy documents will be delivered promptly, assuring you’re fully covered and can drive with peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is in reliable hands.

Benefits of Motor Cover

Discover the key advantages of motor cover, designed to provide robust protection, financial security, and peace of mind for your vehicle in today’s fast-paced world.

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Comprehensive Protection Against Damages

Motor cover offers extensive protection against a wide range of damages to your vehicle. Whether it’s damage from a road accident, fire, or natural disaster, having motor insurance ensures that the costs of repairs or replacement won’t be a burden on your finances. This coverage is crucial, especially in high-traffic areas or regions prone to severe weather, as it provides financial relief and helps you get back on the road quickly.

Liability Coverage for Peace of Mind

Liability coverage is a fundamental aspect of motor insurance. It protects you in case you’re responsible for an accident that causes injury to others or damage to their property. This protection is invaluable as it shields you from potentially significant legal and compensation costs, ensuring an accident doesn’t lead to a major financial crisis.

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Protection Against Theft and Vandalism

Motor cover often includes protection against theft and vandalism. In the unfortunate event that your vehicle is stolen or damaged due to malicious acts, you can rest assured knowing that you’re covered. This benefit is particularly important in areas with higher rates of vehicle theft or vandalism, providing a sense of security in uncertain situations.

Assistance and Support in Emergencies

Many motor insurance policies offer additional support services. These can include roadside assistance in case of a breakdown, towing services, and even provision of a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired. This aspect of motor cover is incredibly beneficial, as it ensures you’re not left stranded in the event of a vehicle malfunction or accident, keeping your daily life and commitments on track.

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Motor Cover FAQS

Motor Insurance Questions & Answers

What does general motor insurance typically cover?

General motor insurance typically provides coverage for a range of incidents and damages related to your vehicle. It commonly includes liability coverage, which pays for any damage or injuries you cause to others in an accident. Collision coverage is another key component, covering damages to your own vehicle in the event of an accident, regardless of who is at fault. Comprehensive coverage goes a step further, protecting you against non-collision-related incidents such as theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. Many policies also offer medical payments or personal injury protection, which covers medical expenses for you and your passengers in case of an accident. Additionally, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is often included, offering protection if you’re involved in an accident with a driver who lacks adequate insurance. Each policy is unique, so it’s important to understand the specifics of what your general motor insurance covers to ensure you have the protection you need on the road. Read more.

How is the cost of car insurance determined?

The cost of car insurance is determined by a variety of factors that help insurers assess the risk associated with insuring a driver or vehicle. These factors include:

  1. Driver’s Age and Driving Experience: Younger drivers, particularly teenagers, typically face higher premiums due to their higher risk of accidents. Conversely, more experienced drivers often enjoy lower rates.

  2. Driving Record: A driver’s history of accidents, traffic violations, and claims can significantly impact insurance costs. A clean driving record usually results in lower premiums.

  3. Vehicle Type: The make, model, and year of the vehicle influence insurance costs. Expensive, high-performance, and cars that are more prone to theft often have higher insurance rates.

  4. Location: Where you live and park your car affects your insurance rates. Areas with high rates of theft, vandalism, and accidents typically see higher insurance costs.

  5. Purpose of Use: The reason you drive your car, whether for personal, commuting, or business purposes, can affect your premium. Cars used for business often incur higher rates due to increased risk exposure.

  6. Coverage Type and Deductibles: The choices you make about coverage types (e.g., liability, comprehensive, collision) and the amount of your deductibles also impact your insurance costs. Higher deductibles can lower your premiums but increase your out-of-pocket costs in the event of a claim.

  7. Credit Score: In many places, insurers use credit scores as an indicator of a driver’s reliability and risk profile, affecting insurance rates.

  8. Annual Mileage: The amount you drive can influence your insurance rates. More miles can increase the risk of accidents and, consequently, the insurance cost.

  9. Safety Features and Anti-Theft Devices: Vehicles equipped with safety features and anti-theft devices can often qualify for lower insurance rates due to the reduced risk of accidents and theft.

  10. Insurance History: Your history with previous insurance companies, including your record of claims and policy lapses, can impact your rates.

Learn more about filing your car insurance claim here.

What is covered under commercial vehicle insurance?

As Insured Direct in Cyprus, our commercial vehicle insurance provides comprehensive coverage tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses that rely on vehicles for their operations. Understanding that each business has distinct requirements, our policies are designed to offer robust protection against various risks on the road.

1. Liability Coverage: This fundamental aspect of commercial vehicle insurance covers damages or injuries your vehicle might cause to other people or property in an accident. It’s essential for safeguarding your business against significant financial liabilities.

2. Collision Coverage: This covers damages to your commercial vehicle resulting from a collision, regardless of who is at fault. It’s crucial for ensuring the swift repair or replacement of your business vehicle, minimizing downtime and maintaining operational continuity.

3. Comprehensive Coverage: Beyond accidents, comprehensive coverage protects your commercial vehicles against a range of other risks, including theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. This coverage is vital for businesses seeking all-encompassing protection for their vehicles.

4. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: This coverage offers protection if your commercial vehicle is involved in an accident with a driver who lacks sufficient insurance or is uninsured. It ensures that your business doesn’t bear the financial burden of such incidents.

5. Medical Payments/Personal Injury Protection: Should an accident occur, this coverage assists with medical expenses for the driver and passengers, providing an additional layer of financial protection.

6. Goods in Transit Coverage: For businesses that transport goods, this coverage is crucial. It protects your business’s assets against loss or damage while they are being transported in your commercial vehicle.

7. Roadside Assistance: Recognizing that time is money, our commercial vehicle insurance includes roadside assistance to support your business in the event of a vehicle breakdown, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

At Insured Direct in Cyprus, we’re committed to offering flexible and comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance solutions that cater to the diverse needs of businesses. Our aim is to provide peace of mind, knowing that your business vehicles are well-protected, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business. 

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Why is insurance often more expensive for young drivers?

At Insured Direct in Cyprus, we acknowledge that insurance premiums can be notably higher for young drivers, and we understand that this may raise questions. This pricing strategy is rooted in statistical data and risk assessment, which are central to the insurance industry’s approach to determining premiums.

1. Lack of Driving Experience: Young drivers, by definition, have less experience behind the wheel. This inexperience is associated with a higher likelihood of being involved in accidents. As experience grows with time, the risk decreases, which is reflected in the gradual reduction of insurance costs.

2. Higher Probability of Engaging in Risky Driving Behaviours: Statistics indicate that younger drivers are more prone to risky behaviours, such as speeding, not wearing seat belts, and using mobile phones while driving. These behaviours increase the risk of accidents and claims, influencing the cost of insurance.

3. Increased Accident Rates: Data consistently show that young drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents compared to more experienced drivers. This increased risk of claims necessitates higher premiums to offset the potential costs to insurers.

4. Financial Responsibility: Young drivers are often considered less financially stable, which can influence the perceived risk of not being able to cover the costs associated with accidents or other liabilities.

At Insured Direct, we strive to support young drivers in Cyprus by providing them with comprehensive insurance coverage that not only meets legal requirements but also offers peace of mind. We encourage young drivers to engage in safe driving practices, which can positively impact their insurance rates over time. Furthermore, we offer various discounts and incentives for young drivers who demonstrate responsible driving behaviours and complete recognised driving courses, as part of our commitment to promoting safety on the roads and making insurance more accessible to drivers of all ages.

View more tips on how to lower your car insurance premiums.

What types of motorcycle insurance coverage are available in Cyprus through Insured Direct?

At Insured Direct, we offer a variety of motorcycle insurance options to cater to the diverse needs of riders in Cyprus. Our coverage plans include Third-Party Liability, which is mandatory and covers damages or injuries you may cause to others. For more comprehensive protection, we provide Third-Party Fire and Theft, covering your motorcycle in case of fire or theft, in addition to third-party liabilities. Our most inclusive option, Comprehensive Insurance, covers damages to your motorcycle and injuries to you, alongside the benefits of the other plans. Riders can customise their policies with additional options like personal accident cover and roadside assistance for complete peace of mind.

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How is the cost of motorcycle insurance determined at Insured Direct?

The cost of motorcycle insurance with Insured Direct is influenced by several factors to accurately assess the risk and provide a fair premium. These factors include the age and experience of the rider, the make and model of the motorcycle, its engine size, and the rider’s previous insurance claims history. The level of coverage chosen also impacts the premium. We evaluate these elements to offer competitive rates that reflect the individual risk profile and coverage needs of each rider. Find more on Motorbike Insurance.

Can I transfer my no-claim bonus from another vehicle to my motorcycle insurance with Insured Direct?

es, at Insured Direct, we value safe driving and reward it accordingly. If you have accumulated a no-claim bonus (NCB) from another vehicle, you may be able to transfer it to your motorcycle insurance, subject to our policy terms and conditions. This transfer can result in a significant reduction in your premium, acknowledging your safe driving history. We recommend contacting our customer service team to discuss the specifics of your NCB transfer, as certain criteria and limitations may apply. Speak with an insurance expert.

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Experience bespoke home insurance solutions, meticulously crafted to align with the unique demands and challenges of your home.

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Further Reading

Explore our comprehensive guides and expert insights to deepen your understanding of insurance options and stay informed about the best ways to protect what matters most to you.

Benefits of Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Comprehensive motor insurance from Insured Direct goes beyond the basics, covering damages to your vehicle and third-party liabilities. It’s an all-encompassing policy that also covers theft, vandalism, and weather-related damages, providing broad protection for your automotive investment.

Importance of Third-Party Liability Insurance

Third-party liability insurance is a crucial component of motor cover, protecting you against the financial implications if you’re responsible for causing damage or injury to another person or their property. Insured Direct ensures that you’re covered for these potential liabilities, safeguarding your financial security in the event of an accident.

How to Choose the Right Motor Insurance Policy

Choosing the right motor insurance policy with Insured Direct involves evaluating your vehicle’s value, your driving habits, and your financial security preferences. Our experts guide you through various coverage options, helping you select a policy that aligns with your needs and offers comprehensive protection on the road.

Understanding Motor Insurance Premiums

Motor insurance premiums are determined based on factors like your vehicle’s make and model, your driving history, and the level of coverage you choose. Insured Direct helps you understand these factors, offering competitive rates and personalized policies that reflect your specific risk profile and coverage needs.

The Role of Deductibles in Motor Insurance

Deductibles in motor insurance are the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in after an accident or loss. Insured Direct helps you choose a deductible that balances your premium costs with your financial comfort level, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation.

Claims Process for Motor Insurance

Our claims process at Insured Direct is designed for efficiency and support, ensuring that you receive timely assistance and compensation following an incident. We prioritize clear communication and swift processing to help you resolve your claim and restore your mobility as quickly as possible.

Why Update Your Motor Insurance Policy?

Regular updates to your motor insurance policy are essential to maintain alignment with your current driving profile and vehicle condition. Insured Direct encourages annual reviews to ensure your coverage meets your evolving needs, whether it’s due to a new vehicle, changed driving habits, or different financial circumstances.

Discounts and Savings on Motor Insurance

Insured Direct offers various discounts and savings opportunities on motor insurance, including safe driver rewards, multi-vehicle discounts, and loyalty benefits. We’re committed to providing value, ensuring you receive quality coverage at a competitive price.

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