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Experience unparalleled peace of mind and security with our Erasmus Insurance, designed to provide extensive and reliable coverage for your health and safety while studying abroad. Our tailored policies ensure that from routine medical appointments to unforeseen medical situations, your healthcare needs are comprehensively covered.

What does Erasmus Insurance Cover?

Erasmus Insurance provides comprehensive coverage tailored to meet the diverse needs of students studying abroad, ensuring their health, safety, and well-being are protected throughout their academic journey.

Health and Medical Expenses:

This covers medical treatments, hospital stays, and emergency medical care, ensuring students receive necessary healthcare without facing financial hardship.

Travel-Related Issues:

It includes coverage for trip cancellations, lost luggage, and travel delays, offering peace of mind as students navigate their journey to and from the host country.

Personal Liability:

Protects students in case they are legally liable for causing injury to someone or damaging property, covering legal costs and compensation claims, crucial for living in a new and unfamiliar environment.

Who needs Erasmus Insurance?

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Erasmus Insurance is an indispensable requirement for students embarking on the Erasmus exchange program, aiming to study or intern in a country different from their home nation within the European Union. This specialized insurance caters to the unique needs of students who are stepping out of their comfort zones to enhance their academic experience and cultural understanding. It’s designed for students at various levels of their education journey, including undergraduates, postgraduates, and even PhD candidates, who plan to spend anywhere from a few months to a full academic year abroad. The coverage is essential not just for fulfilling the legal and program requirements but also for providing a safety net against unforeseen medical emergencies, travel-related issues, and liability concerns that might arise during their stay in the host country.

Moreover, Erasmus Insurance is also crucial for students seeking to immerse themselves fully in their new environment without the worry of incurring substantial financial burdens due to health issues, accidents, or other mishaps. It ensures that students can access quality healthcare, receive necessary medical treatments, and benefit from emergency repatriation services if needed, without the stress of overwhelming costs. Beyond the practicalities of health and travel coverage, this insurance also supports the overarching goal of the Erasmus program: to foster educational and cultural exchange with peace of mind, enabling students to focus on their academic growth, cultural exchange, and personal development during their international sojourn.


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Medical Insurance Extras:

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Repatriation & Emergency Evacuation

This extra ensures that in the event of a serious medical emergency or political unrest in the host country, students can be safely transported back to their home country. The coverage includes the costs of medical repatriation, emergency evacuation, and in some cases, the return of mortal remains. This is particularly important for students studying in regions with volatile political climates or where they may not have access to necessary medical facilities, providing families and students with peace of mind knowing that they have support in critical situations.

3d brain representing Mental Health Support: Get Erasmus Insurance with Insured Direct in Cyprus.

Mental Health Support:

Recognizing the challenges of adjusting to a new culture and academic pressures, this addition covers counseling and mental health support services. Students can access professional help for issues like stress, anxiety, and depression, which are common when navigating the complexities of living and studying abroad. This coverage ensures that students’ mental well-being is prioritized, allowing them to seek help when needed and supporting their overall success during the Erasmus program.

3d Legal Assistance with Erasmus Insurance.

Legal Assistance:

Living in a new country can sometimes lead to unexpected legal issues, from misunderstandings regarding local laws to housing disputes. Legal assistance coverage provides access to legal advice and representation if students find themselves in legal predicaments. This extra can cover legal fees and provide guidance on resolving issues, ensuring students have the necessary resources to navigate legal systems abroad confidently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Uncover insights into your essential Erasmus insurance questions, assisting you in understanding the nuances of securing your study abroad experience.

What exactly is Erasmus Insurance?

Erasmus Insurance is a specialised insurance package designed for students participating in the Erasmus exchange program, covering a wide range of potential issues such as health and medical expenses, travel-related incidents, and personal liability during their study period abroad. Get Erasmus Insurance Quote.

Who needs Erasmus Insurance?

Any student enrolled in the Erasmus program planning to study or intern in a foreign country within the European Union needs Erasmus Insurance to ensure comprehensive coverage against unexpected events during their stay. Need a Erasmus Insurance quote? 

What are the key coverages included in Erasmus Insurance?

Key coverages typically include health and medical expenses, travel interruptions and baggage loss, personal liability for bodily injury or property damage, emergency repatriation, and sometimes legal assistance and mental health support.

Is Erasmus Insurance mandatory for all Erasmus students?

While not always mandatory, it is highly recommended for all Erasmus participants. Some host institutions and countries may require proof of insurance for enrollment or visa purposes.

Can Erasmus Insurance cover trips outside the host country?

Many Erasmus Insurance policies offer coverage for short trips outside the host country, providing students the freedom to travel and explore other destinations within the Schengen area under the same protection.

How does Erasmus Insurance cover pre-existing medical conditions?

Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions varies by policy. Some policies may cover them under certain conditions, while others may exclude them, so it’s important to read the terms carefully or discuss with your insurance expert at Insured Direct.

Are there any coverage extensions available for Erasmus Insurance?

Yes, students can typically customize their coverage with extensions such as higher coverage limits, repatriation and emergency evacuation, mental health support, and legal assistance to meet their specific needs. Get Erasmus Insurance Quote

How do I file a claim if I need to use my Erasmus Insurance?

To file a claim, contact your insurance provider as soon as possible with details of the incident and any relevant documentation, such as medical reports, police reports, or receipts, following the specific instructions provided in your policy. Submit an Erasmus Insurance Claim.

How long does Erasmus Insurance coverage last?

Coverage is typically aligned with the duration of the Erasmus program, from the start date of the study period or internship until its conclusion, with options to extend coverage for early arrival or late departure, ensuring protection for the entire duration of the student’s academic engagement abroad.

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